Cos'è l'IKIGAI?


Ikigai  (生き甲斐) it's a japanese therm, translated in english,  it means “something to live for” or “a reason for beign”. An ikigai  it's essentially a meaning to wake up in the morning.

IKIGAI Soluzioni informatiche want to see itself in the center of the intersection of those big sets, this is the meaning of the logo.


A professional should love his work, or soon or lather it will quit for something else. 

The talent and the predisposition for certain tasks lead to not feeling the weight of the hours passed working, almost as if it were a pastime.

The market always needs highly qualified figures. 

Give the right value to your work, allows investing in increasingly ambitious projects, as well as creating new jobs.

 Beign in the middle of this schema means to have found your own IKIGAI